Alankar is the oldest Asian retailer in Manchester est 1977, we put this down to the fact that we have been providing our customers with the highest possible quality clothes and service for over 40 years.

We are a family business, with the business being started by the Patriarch of the Modha Family Mr. Gokuldas Modha. He started the business in the early 1960’s in Tanzania Indian and when he moved over to England in the 1970’s he brought the business with him. After settling in Leicester he branched all over the UK with help from extended family and open shops in London, Manchester, Coventry, Birmingham and he also held saree exhibitions all over the UK in the smaller towns. Manchester is the only “Alankar” store that remains however his influence and support has helped many business within his community. Other family members have branched off and have stores in Leicester and the Netherlands.

Having opened in Rusholme in 1977, Dilip Modha has seen how this area had developed and grown over the last 40 years. He believes that his community spirit, good nature and hard work have kept him and the business still standing. This was recognised in 2018 when he won the Award for Outstanding contribution to the Asian Wedding Industry at the Asian Wedding Experience Awards.

With his wife Geeta and their ethos of providing the best quality and the best price Alankar will always specialise in bringing the best and unique clothes from all over India. Our buyers search out exceptional and high quality clothes, setting trends and giving our clientele a fashion edge over the rest. We are world renowned for our service and the personal shopping experience we offer. We specialise in understanding and interpreting each customers every desire, offering you bespoke attire with our customised ordering service. This was recognised with the 2017 Best Bridalwear at Asian Wedding Industry at the Asian Wedding Experience Awards.

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